New direction

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. I think my initial intention was to write largely around my studies, as a gentle addition to my CV. Poor idea; no motivation to post, and the topics were pretty dry.

So now I’m going in a different direction. Over the past few years a lot has changed. I left the military, finishing my final couple of years teaching bomb disposal at the world’s premier IED disposal school. It was an honour, and I loved the job. Unfortunately, the company (or institution?) was very role based in its culture, which prevented the meritocracy and autonomy I craved. I believed that I would find salvation in a law firm, where meritocracy was the name of the game. After a summer vacation scheme at Mills & Reeve I noticed that I was right- it was a meritocracy. Unfortunately, the autonomy wasn’t there.

My father at the time had recently moved from being a CEO in the not for profit sector, to being the registered manager of a nursing home catering for advanced dementia patients with challenging behaviour. I had a clinical background, having worked on private ambulances for a year previous, so why not give it a shot? I spent 8 months as a unit manager, which I am sure will be expanded on in later posts, and managed to help turn the home around, getting their first “Good” CQC rating in 7 years.

I leveraged that short success for my first registration, and I now manage a residential care home in Bolton.

So let’s see where this goes!

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