So it turns out that it was an ex MI6 officer that penned the document pointing to Trump as a high balling sex god… or something like that. Important to note is that the MI6 officer in question was actually our very own Russia expert. Interesting, no?

In a move that could quite well harm transatlantic relations leading into not only the Trump presidency tenure, but also the UK’s upcoming (probable) exit from the EU, an ex MI6 intelligence officer has come out as the writer of a document accusing Donald Trump of some crazy souped up sexual exploits and high flying political conspiracies.

Christopher Steele. the officer in question, is the head of Orbis, a private investigation outfit catering for businesses across the globe. His work in this capacity is not being called into question; whether true or not, the claims he has made will harm our ‘special relationship’ with the US.

The relationship between the US and Russia have outwardly grown closer, as both Russia and the Trump administration have admonished the report, and the relationship has seemingly drawn strength from the dossier’s release. It is no secret that Trump and Putin are rather chummy, and this seems like the next brick laid in the foundation of a new beginning for the two nations, which I wholeheartedly support on the face of it.

Unfortunately, being an ex MI6 officer just scapegoated Britain, because nobody sees the headline “Private investigator makes Trump claim.” oh no, it is always “Ex- British intelligence officer”, which frankly on the surface leads many to think “yeah, the UK pushed this”. Not what we need when America are putting us up front for a trade agreement, potentially propping up our economy walking into the future. It wouldn’t actually surprise me if Russia commissioned this report. Food for thought.